Sunday, February 18, 2007

Update ... What's Your Choice? ...

Here is my answer's to my questions. A Big Thanks to those of you who posted here and on your own blogs. Very interesting!

1. What Bible is your preference? ESV and NKJV

a. Do you care whether it is a red-letter or not? No, it does not matter

b. Study Bible with notes or do you prefer a Bible with no notes? I have both – my favorite is MacArthur’s Study Bible in NKJV and I like the Thompson Chain - NKJV

c. Hard-cover, leather, metal? Personally I think the hard-cover lasts longer, I have paid for leather and bonded leather but go back to the hard-cover. (Metal would last the longest but it is clumsy – ex. ESV metal cover)

d. Wide-margin? I wish all Bibles were wide-margin. I write in everything! My bibles have notes, dates and markings all thru them.

e. Versions? NKJV, ESV, NASB I also purchased the Geneva Bible 1599 reprint. On a personal note -- I will not have ‘The Message Bible’ in my home!

f. Do you carry the same Bible to Church as you use to study with? Yes, MacArthur’s

2. What is your Bible marking method? I am a color-coded marker – I mark everything having to do with women in Pink, Red – redemption, blood, justification, etc. Green – end times, prophecy., etc. I also have Kay Arthur’s Inductive Study Bible and a few of her studies, and done them according to her inductive methods.

3. What Concordance do you like? Strong’s the best, Young’s and I just recently purchased an ESV.

4. Do you use Bible Study software and if so, what? Yes I do, a lot! MacArthur’s Life Works, Nelson’s Logos’s, Thompson-Chain, Zodhiates, E-Sword, On-Line Bible for Desktop, plus online program’s such as NET Bible, Blue-Letter Bible, etc.

5. Do you use a Palm or other device to transport Study helps & notes? Yes I do, I use a Palm device.

a. Do you then carry this along to Church or other places? Yes I do I like having the NASB bundle with the Strong’s which I use when the Pastor speaks about Hebrew or Greek meanings. All I have to do is touch the word reference and a window pops up with all the info. This is a tremendous help to me in understanding further meanings.

b. What program works best for your needs? Bible With You NASB Bundle and ESV; Olive Tree’s King James with Strong’s and Matthew Henry Concise Commentaries.

c. What device do you currently use? Sony CLIE’ – but I am looking into one with MP3 capabilities.

6. Do you study alone or with a friend or friends or both? Lately more so alone. My husband and I discuss a lot more than we used to which is great. But I am not currently in a women’s bible study nor am I doing any teaching at this time. (I miss it! – It keeps your iron sharp!)

7. How much time do you spend a week in Bible Study? I used to spend hours a day literally but since going back to work about 2 hours daily which includes online reading and studying.

8. What are you currently studying? Luke: verse by verse in Sunday School; Evangelism and The Sovereignty of God by Packer (Pastor’s suggestion); finished up Robertson’s Israel of God; and I will be going into
Murray’s Redemption Accomplished and Applied and then into Vos’s Genesis.

9. What is your favorite Bible Study help? E-Sword, MacArthur and Zodhiates.

10. Do you have more than one Commentary set? Yes.

11. What online study aid do you use? Blue-Letter Bible

12. Are you an Inductive Study method person? I have but not currently.

13. What method works best for you? Mine! It’s hard to describe but I color-code and number and symbolize when possible. Everyone has tried other styles but eventually you work out your own method. It may be greek to others and yet just plain and simple to you.

14. Do you refer to Hebrew/Greek in any form to help you
clarify what you are studying? Yes, I have an Interlinear Bible, Zodhiates Hebrew/Greek Key Study Bible plus my Strong’s on a few different programs.

15. Do you have a file system of past studies, notes, etc. Yes, I do. In fact I have as of June of ’06 cleaned out my files (dispensational but not Arminian!) and am starting new topics (reformed and covenantal). Kept some of the ones I wanted to keep going with and the others I just put away in the attic for now. I have a small 2 drawer file cabinet in a closet for my files.

16. Do you have a special place where you study? Usually in the kitchen at the table because the computer is near and other times on my bed – no dogs allowed anymore unless they are very, very tired! They have to lay all over everything! Bella our pup decided she wanted to chew on the bottom of one of my Bibles and I had not noticed it until the damage was done – and this was the new Journaling ESV Bible – never even marked in it yet! Bad dog! That was not a pig's ear Bella! Geezzzooeee!!! ;-)

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  1. You are a brave girl! (reading Vos!)

    I'm just teasing; I consider myself a better than average reader but I have the hardest time with Vos! (And John Owen, but I'm getting better with him!)

    Let me know how you like Vos once you get into it!

    I left you a note on my blog, but I'll tell you here, too, that I have the book on Prayer by Packer. I barely started it but didn't finish it. I do hope it isn't contemplative. He has a co author and I don't know anything about her but one of my best friends knows her personally. I'll ask her if she leans toward contemplative. . .


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