Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September in Gettysburg …

My Mom and I took off for the day and traveled to Gettysburg, PA.

About a two hour trip from my home up and down Route 30,

thru the mountains, around big turns, the ride was refreshing.

The Battlefield was not busy and we just took our time wondering

at what it must have been like. The sights, the smells, the sounds …


Such a nice day, not too hot, not too cool, not too breezy … perfect!


We talked about how innovative they were then. Look at this pistol with a

rifle grip, would be steady to aim with, but as far as distance or accuracy?


Then there was the different shot used. From cannon fire to rifle fire.

I sure would not have wanted to be shot with any of these.

Can you imagine what the doctors saw and experienced?


This was Longstreet’s memorial. I especially enjoy reading

about this man. The Civil War fascinates me. I would

love to be able to do re-enactments …

the cooking at  that time is interesting.


The Pennsylvania Memorial.

I have some relatives names on here but have yet to

find all of them. We have documentation and memorabilia

from those who fought in my family tree.


The homes were small for such large families.

The stone homes are gorgeous and those

thick window sills … but I’m sure they were

cold and drafty in the Pennsylvania winters.


We supped here at The Dobbin House.

I should have taken pictures inside.

We sat on two large high back stuffed chairs

in front of a fireplace and ate the pleasant tasting

fare of Roast Duck in a Cider sauce with roasted Sweet

Potatoes, Prime Rib that melted in your mouth

but just the ambiance of the place ….

and  it was part of the Underground Railroad.


Mom is setting in front of the Gift Shop portion.

We had such a great day together.


As we traveled back home we listened to a series of Sermons

on “The Chaplains in Gray”, “Stonewall Jackson’s Verse”,

and “The Legacy of Robert E Lee.”

You can find them here: under Greenville Seminary & Mt. Olive

Good listening … I haven’t found much on the Union Chaplains like I have the Confederate’s. But this Seminary

website has a lot about the Southern Christian men. Ever hear of a ‘coalporter?’

I downloaded a lot of them to my iTouch and iTunes …

I listen to them over and over, they are rich.

Hope you enjoyed our day out and about too!

Ya’ll come back – ya hear!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 PA Bow Hunter’s Festival


Just got back from the Bow Fest. We had a great time!

It’s so much fun spending time with the family flinging

arrows at animal targets, running up and down the

mountain side on trails, laughing at the misses and

slaps on the back for great shots! My DIL #2 (Archery Chick)

is a really good shot. She uses a compound bow and just

has that edge to hold tight and shoot well. I shoot a Traditional

50# Recurve Bow with no sights, so if I miss … I have no one to

blame but myself! I was a little concerned about pulling back

the bow this year since an injury to my shoulder but my fears

were unfounded, she pulled real nice for me. My two sons

and husband are great shots with both compound and traditional

bows. So now we are ready for the Pennsylvania woods come Oct. 2nd.


This Church always has a Bow Festival Breakfast.  All you can eat

sausage, pancakes and good hot coffee hit the spot on a chilly 7am morning.


This is the infamous “Running Deer” target. That deer form travels back and forth 2 times

on a short track at various speeds. After the 2nd trip it stops mid-track for the archers

to retrieve their arrows. Sometimes it looks like a porcupine with so many arrows

sticking out it’s sides. It’s around a 45 yard shot and loads of fun.


It was beautiful there in the morning with the mist rising along with the Sun.

September smells of wood fires, damp leaves, outdoor cooking … it’s all good.

Psalm  19 … it’s all good …

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall is in the air ....

I know you can see it ...
I know you can smell it ...
I know you can hear it ...
I know you can feel it ...