Thursday, November 22, 2007

from Our Home to Yours! ....

Thanksgiving ...
So many years have passed away
Since Pilgrims on Thanksgiving Day
At Plymouth met with fervent prayer
Their gratitude and food to share.
This is our land-the plains and hills,
The valleys where the sunshine spills
An amber light on beans and corn
Each time a golden day is born.
Today we think of pioneers
Who braved all dangers, met all fears,
Who planted in fertile loam,
Who tamed frontiers to make a home.
For forest-store, for waterways,
For cotton fields, for mountain ore,
For mighty spires we sing our praise.
For scholars with intelligence
Who attained wisdom of the sage,
Who left their heritage to us
And flag of freedom to this age.
We thank Thee, God, for rain and sun,
For peace at frosty winter's edge,
For harvests and for vintage bells,
For faith and joy in work well done.
The flag we love now flies above;
May faith and virtue keep us strong
As we together sing this song:
"God Bless Thanksgiving Day!"

An 1840's Thanksgiving prayer by Stella Craft Tremble

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's a good thing ....

I highly recommend this book on the five dilemmas of Calvinism. Craig is as stout as they come. His brother is the Pastor of my church. Craig and I graduated together from the same small town high school. My only wish is that I knew what he is teaching a lot sooner than I learned to put a name to what I now know as Calvinism. Written in an easy to understand hand. Most importantly to me - the proceeds from this book goes directly back into ministry not Craig's pocket. Not something you find much of today. Consider it as a gift for yourself and buy one for a gift this Holiday season.

To listen to his RC Sproul interview click here. After clicking the link go to the AUDIO link and scroll down to "Interview: the 5 Dilemas"

The Five Dilemmas of Calvinism Craig R. Brown (Author)

Written in a winsome and engaging style, Brown's work is an excellent primer on Calvinism and some of the critiques that have been leveled against it. As such, the book provides both apologetic help for Calvinists and answers for Arminians with honest questions.
"Craig Brown battles misunderstandings that have dogged Calvinism for long years. In so doing, he provides apologetic help for Calvinists stymied by the misinformed questions of their Arminian friends. And, of course, he kindles light for those who have never considered alternatives to the Arminian system."
--From the foreword by R.C. Sproul

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shocked beyond belief ...

cash advance

My posts must be such a misrepresentation of the English language

that only a college person could understand them in that they are

confusingly written .... not well written.

I'm depressed ...