Friday, October 29, 2010

November of Thanksgiving ~~~

For the 5th year in a row, Rebecca is declaring November to be the Month of Thanksgiving at Rebecca Writes!  She says:
“Every one of us has an abundance of good gifts from God, so I’m inviting you to join with me in giving thanks to Him for His many blessings.
Each day during the month, I’ll post something for which I’m thankful. You can participate in any of these ways:
  • Mention something you’re thankful for in the comments here. I’ll include your comment in one of my thanksgiving posts.
  • Email me to tell me what you’re thankful for and I’ll include it in a post.
  • Post your thankful thought(s) on your own blog, send me the link(s), and I’ll link to your post(s). If you plan to post something daily during the month, let me know that, too. That way you won’t need to send me your daily links.
Lisa of Lisa Notes participated in thanking God during the whole month of November last year and writes that it blessed her, “both in reading what others wrote, and in making me think daily of things that I am thankful for.” She’s exactly right! It is a blessing to read all the posts of thanksgiving every day. Why don’t you join us?”
And would you consider mentioning the November of Thanksgiving project on your own blog and invite your readers to take part, too?