Saturday, February 24, 2007

Recommended Study by Kim of Hiraeth

Kim at Hiraeth is posting her study notes on a little book that is highly recommended by many.
Here is the link for the start of this study --
Redemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray.

This 'little book' Redemption Accomplished and Applied is a great study for this time of the year as we are looking forward to Easter and all that it applies to Salvation. Easter celebrates the Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. What better way as we are heading into this time of celebration than to study through this book on the Atonement. This little book is so rich and full of understanding of the Atonement, see below what others have to say.

Here are some links to purchase this book if it is not found at your local Christian store --


"One of the best, most concise, theologically sound and helpful expositions of the atonement ever produced. John Murray’s Redemption Accomplished and Applied should be required reading for every Christian. At just under 200 pages, Murray offers page after page of devotional and scholarly study that is nearly unparalleled in its clarity, usefulness and theological depth. Read this book, re-read this book and keep it close at hand." -- Monergism

The Highway has this to say --

"As the title implies, the book falls into two parts. In Part One, Murray begins with an effective argument for the consequent absolute necessity of the atonement based on God's decree to save, and on the depravity of sinful man. He next turns to the important question of the nature of the atonement. In this chapter he gives a brilliant treatment of the passive and active obedience of Christ, and demonstrates that a correct understanding and appreciation of these concepts is essential to a biblical view of the atonement. Along the way he gives helpful definitions and explanations for propitiation, reconciliation, and redemption. Chapter three finds Murray arguing biblically for the perfection of the atonement over against the Roman Catholic doctrine of continual satisfaction through good works. In a day when some are naively seeking unity with Rome, this chapter is must reading. Murray shows that the absolute perfection of the atonement is clearly understood in its finality and uniqueness."

I can not encourage you enough to study along with us over at Hiraeth. Thanks to Kim for sharing her study notes with us so that we gain an even deeper understanding thru this little book of the Atonement.

I'll be seeing you over there!

May the Lord bless your study time!


  1. Thanks for the link, Pam!

    I enjoyed reading your reviews.

    Did you know I am a moderator on the Highway discussion board?

  2. The Highway is new to me, but it looks like a great resource. Thanks!

    I'm enjoying Kim's study too. Just ordered two copies of the book--I want to read it for myself!

  3. Glad to hear from you ladies!
    Kim - I have never gone into the forums on the Highway but I will check them out. You might have a great study going on soon!

    rosemary - glad to have shared a good resource with you. That is always inmportant, some are not dependable at all, I always appreciate when someone says yes, this is good! And gain, I am really enjoying the Screensaver!


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