Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sidebar to Hiraeth's Study .....

I forgot to mention this ...

Over at Pastor Gene Cook of Fide-O blog has a daily radio show.
This is the link for the blog site -- The Narrow Mind Aftermath
On Thursday's Pastor Cook, Pastor Jason Robertson, and Pastor Scott Hill do a show called "Covenant Thursday", they are currently going thru John Murray's book - Redemption Accomplished and Applied. This is where I first ever heard of this book.

What is unique about this show is that you can call in and ask questions or make a statement. But the best thing for me is that you can download these shows through iTunes then put them on your iPod. I have the Nano but you do not have to have an iPod but just download iTunes to your computer and it automatically downloads them for you when you connect to the internet. and many other Pastor's and teachers use iTunes now for downloads. I have many great resources I listen to through iTunes. I would recommend you try this out.

Unchained Radio is going through the Redemption book and they are even giving page numbers to help you follow. With this audio and Kim's notes -- WOW! -- you can't miss out on the depth of this great little book on the Atonement! You can listen when you want to if you use iTunes plus the fact that they are on your computer - otherwise you just listen thru the internet.

I just wanted to share this with you. Every little bit helps!


  1. Whoaa! Now I feel important! Thanks for visiting my little pimple in the blog world! You guys are the best! Pray for you often.


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