Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Hearty Congratulations! ...

My heartfelt congratulations to Pastor Howard Sloan on his Ordination today!

Here is a link to his website --

There is some praising going on in Heaven this fine day, I am sure!

My prayer for him --

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father,
I come humbly before You today with joy in my heart
for Pastor Sloan. Your Chosen to feed your sheep.
Father, I pray for his role of leadership in his home and
church family. That as a Pastor, Lord, he knows Your will
for the church he leads. For vision and leading the
church into that vision, encouraging and enabling
church members into ministry. For his preaching
ministry that he is able to have time in the Word to set
at Your feet and then to faithfully communicate that
which You give Him. For the church to have ears to
hear, hearts to obey and eyes to see Your use
of him. Father, for his walk of faith, his time in prayer,
his spiritual growth and His love for you to grow deeper
and stronger in each passing day. I pray for his
schedule Lord, that he seeks Your will for scheduling
between family and church needs. That he is able to
guard his family time and for the church family to
understand and meet him in this need and support
him fully. Today Lord it is hard to develop
relationships but I ask that You provide him
with a solid group of prayer warriors who understand
their call to support their Pastor in prayer daily. For those
men whom you have put in place to keep his iron sharp
and to hear the depth of his soul. For trustworthiness.
For those who will assist him in Your work for this church
to be in unity and have the same vision. For him to be able
to separate himself when he needs to be a husband, father,
and Pastor. To meet the needs of his wife, for her to meet
his and for them to fulfill each other. That they walk
hand-in-hand together as a family, for the gospel and this church
you have entrusted to them. For those times with his child
and the children to come, that they have their own "special
times together", that memories are made and cherished,
that you make his quiver full, and one in which he can
boast of You and Your mighty works.
I pray for his renewal and relaxation and that
the stress of ministry is relieved and understood by his
church family. That in it all and thru it all he brings
honor and glory to Your name! Thanks for this servant
Lord, may he always be a blessing to many. Use him mightily!
God, bless him and his always.
In Your Son's most holy and precious Name I pray,

Well done good and faithful servant! My heart is glad
this day!

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