Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dog Day ....

Our dogs came in from outside in 0 degree weather after a quick romp and they both hit the couch -- well sort of -- Bella our 4 mth. old Drahthaar pup decided it was warmer on top of Dakota, our 2 yr. old Lab's back. She laid there for over a half an hour. Dakota never moved either! I think they both enjoyed each others warmth! We went for shots today for both of them at the Vets. They did real well. We drove over to Dunkin Donuts for some goodies to take home and the gal at the window gave them a treat, too. She handed in 2 Munchkin's each for our doggies! McDonald's Drive-thru and the lady at the Bank has them spoiled rotten, too! They get treats all the time! I just had to share this pic of the two of them snuggling up ... enjoy! Ain't that cute ......


  1. That puppy sure looks like a GSP! Is a Drahthaar another name for German Shorthaired Pointer? Or is it related?

    We have two Vizslas. They are very similar to GSPs. They have a friend named Duke, who is the sweetest boy in the world.

    If I ever switched breeds (impossible! unthinkable!!) I would go to a GSP.

  2. I just took a picture of the girls all snuggled up with my hubby on the couch a little bit ago. If they turn out halfway decent I'll post it up on my dog blog, Vizslocity so you can see my girls "dog day."

  3. A Drahthaar is a german wirehaired pointer. The breeder was a young fellow and he did not dock the tails when they were born and we did not want to do it now because the hair does not always grow right and it looks bad. http://www.drahthaarusa.com/drahtaarusa.htm

  4. Do you hunt your dogs? We don't, but our girl, Eve, has her junior hunter (we are not the original owners; we got her from our breeders when she became too old to have puppies. They re-home their bitches when they get too old and it was our great fortune to be able to adopt Eve)


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