Monday, February 5, 2007

Remembrances ....

Children's Poetry is being posted by various bloggers and linking to Rebecca Writes
Go on over and enjoy some good reads ....

Here is another Poem from my Grandmother's Composition Book.
This one is dated Oct. 26th, 1921.


The Frog and the Turtle had a quarrel one day.
The Frog told the Turtle in a boastful way ...
I'll race you in swimming for to see who'll win;
Agreed said the Turtle and they jumped right in.

Chorus --
They both hit the water with an awful crash.
The frog went plunk and the turtle splash.
I never did believe it but the creek folks say
They heard the water splashing twenty miles away!

The Frog had a bathing suit of pretty green and
old Mr. Turtle in a black was seen.
Ahold takes the Turtle on the Frogs big toe,
The Frog kicks the Turtle on the short black nose.

They kicked all the water from the swimming hole,
and sank to the bottom in a mud left pool.
They each told the other with a painful face,
Take me out and wash me and you win the race!


  1. Cute!! We have a pet turtle. The kids put a little toad in the tank one day to see what would happen--they didn't like it and got the little toad out right away!

  2. My grandmother sang this song to me as a child... and her father sang it to her! I have it written down almost exactly as you have it here, but the last verse is new to me! Thank you for sharing!


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