Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Boy, do I ache! ...

This cold weather is taking its toll on me.
I hurt from head-to-toe today!
I am the manager of the local Sr. Citizen's Center
and we all sat around
drinking coffee, eating goodies and complaining
about our aches and pains.
I turned 50 this past October and some days I feel 80!
I woke up last nite
and had a cramp in my 2nd toe!
That bugger was standing like a continental soldier!
It hurt me all day today and since I am on my feet
from 9am to 1:30pm
I had to come home and soak them. Geesh! ...
My Mom said this would happen, Gram told me
I would feel old on the outside
and young on the inside and it is TRUE!

It was minus one here this morning.
One gal who is 89 walked into the Center
and said she was glad to be here in the warmth -
her furnace went out during the night and she
did not want to call her son so early in the morning and get him up.
Said she was covered up with old Haps and quilts and
could hardly wait for the Senior van to pick her up.
Bless her heart, she is just a little bitty thing too!
Her son gave her the dickens and so did I.

Another thing happened at work ...
I had made the decision years ago that I would not color my hair
... I left it go gray ... it started about age 28 ...
anyhow I was setting with my back to the door and
a gentleman came in to register to get his tax work done.
He walked over to the table and asked where Pam was
he needed to talk to her, one of my
fella's said "you are standing right behind her" ...
I turned around and he says,
"My goodness Pam I thought you were one of the old ladies!
When did you get so gray!"
Ya'll ever feel like bopping somebody real good?
This guy just about got it. My folks
thought it was just hilarious!
After he realized what he said he apologized
about 20 times. Embarrassed himself pretty good, so he did!
So I thought I would post a pic of myself ....

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