Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November of Thanksgiving ~~ Day 9


We have 3 big dogs at our home. They bring a lot of comfort and laughs. I have never been without a dog. I have never had a cat – hubs is allergic to them. We had  beagles when I was at home. My Dad and I had a kennel.  “Hickory Hill Beagles” that we bred, sold, and ran beagles in AKC Beagle field trials all over PA, Ohio, MD, WV and down into Virginia. We were both AKC Field Trial Judges in which we did some short traveling to other clubs to judge their trials. What sweet memories. I also was a midwife in that I went around and helped other kennel owners when their dogs were having puppies.

Beagles are sweet dogs but they are real stubborn bone heads too. If you have one with a strong nose you’ll never keep them at home unless they are fenced in. And beagle puppies … need I say more! Oh puppy breath and warm wet noses … I miss that. We had Hickory Hill Holly, Hickory Hill Dan, Hickory Hill Hope, Hickory Hill Stubby,  on, and on.  There is nothing better on a fall morning when the mist is just starting to rise, the sun is burning the frost away, your in the middle of a cut cornfield and you hear the dogs break out in that all familiar howl. Some dogs pound the trail with their nose down walking a circle around the spot that smells real good, others throw their heads back and bawl and take off on a run, some squeal and wiggle their behinds till you think they’ll wiggle it off! You stand still and wait for the rabbit to break out, all the while listening to this glorious sound on an autumn morn. Out runs the rabbit, the dogs are coming along behind and ‘bang!” the rabbit rolls. The dogs are rewarded and you head out for the next rabbit.

Brad, Drew and Benjamin Christmas 2004

Here’s a pic of our last beagle “Benjamin of Hawke Hill” When I got married I chose my own kennel name. Ben was the last beagle we had. The end of a long line of faithful, loveable beagles. We had to put him down in 2005. I miss the cuddles and those big soft ears.

I’m thankful for all those memories with the beagles in my life.  Oh Benny …. we loved you so!

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