Saturday, November 13, 2010

November of Thanksgiving ~~ Day 13



This is Jaxx. He is a Pudel Pointer.


The is Bella. She is a Deutsch Drahthaar.

Mark 2 078

And this is Dakota. He is a Chocolate Lab.

These are a source of love and enjoyment!

the three of us

We are so ‘thankful’ for  these good companions.

joey 1

This is Joey. He belongs to my youngest son and his wife.

He is a Jack Russell mix. Little ball of Dy-no-mite!

zazoo n mom

And this one! Well he is the new love in my Mom’s life.

He’s a tea cup poodle named ZaZoo. He weighs 3 1/2 lbs.

And he is not afraid of the big dogs.

Then there are the fish in the pond and 2 Betta fish.

When we all get together it’s like WOW, especially when Joey comes

and the gangs all here …… 

but that’s is what makes memories.

Thank you Lord for our furry and finned friends whom You created

for our good pleasure.

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