Monday, November 1, 2010

November of Thanksgiving ~~ Day 1

     While recently reading a book I purchased at my Church by RC Sproul titled, “The Prayer of the Lord” I have read some profound quotes. One that was most striking to me and has caused me to really set back and think is this: “I find it striking that when Jesus taught the church how to pray, the first thing He chose to tell us to pray about is that the name of God might be regarded as sacred. Very few people today would list the hallowing of the name of God as a top priority for the supplications of the people of God. It almost seems foreign to our environment to place so much emphasis on proper treatment of a name.”  Pause and let that sink in …

     I have chosen this November 2010 to be “Thankful” for the sacred names found within the pages of Scripture in The Holy Bible, of God, who He is and what that means to me. My first thought is this: if Jesus taught this to the church as being sacred then why does not the versions of the Bible capitalize the He, Him, Thou, His, and etc. plethora of words that pertain to Him The One and Only God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? I am thankful that the King James and New King James has held this tradition. To me it resonates respect of God. I know what I’ve read as to why publishers do not use capitalization but within the very words of God Jesus taught us (the church) that the NAME is sacred. Now I’m thinking of the verse “every jot and tittle…”

     Today I’m “Thankful” for God ‘ELOHIM’ found in Genesis 1:1. Eternal, existing before the universe, omnipotent, telling me that nothing is impossible with God! He alone gives meaning to everything. I am who I am because of Him and thru Him I have my being. He is honor and power.

     I’m “Thankful” for  Rev. 16:5. Preeminent pronouns of Christ found in here. Who Art, Wast and Shalt Be!

     I’m “Thankful” for  Gen. 1:2. The Spirit of God who was hovering over the face of the waters. The Holy Spirit who is His agent sent to hover over me, guide me, direct me, convict me and draw me to Him.

Amen ….


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  1. I’m reading Sproul’s “The Holiness of God” right now and enjoying it. It has a similar section about the Lord’s prayer and “hallowing” God’s name. It struck me as profound, too.

    I’ll look forward to your names' posts!

    Looking at your reading list…I read "Redemption Accomplished and Applied" a few months ago and benefited so much from it. Praying you do as well.


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