Friday, November 5, 2010

November of Thanksgiving ~~ Day 5



     I’m “Thankful” for Psalm 27:1 – “Jehovah Ma’-Oz Khayyay – The LORD the Strength of My Life”   He is always there to strengthen me when I am weak. Whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. My flesh does rise up at times. I am “Thankful” to Him, the Holy Spirit,  who is the ‘gatekeeper’ of my conscience. He is the one who draws me back to Him, He is the one who opens and closes the gate of my heart, my mind, my tongue, my eyes …. Open to all that is holy and true. Closed to all that is evil and wicked. To You, “Who Hears my prayer”  As my prayers ascend may they be a sweet smelling savor to the nostrils of my God. To the One who stands between myself and God, turning my will to His will, my ways to His ways, always interceding on my behalf  … Thank you for saving such a wretch as I am.

     I’m ‘thankful’ for a good warm pellet stove on these cold, windy, rainy days.  For a husband who sees to all our comforts. My good provider. my best friend, the love of my life. My one and only … my man of God in whom I am well pleased.

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  1. Oh, so glad to see this one on Psalm 27. I didn’t know this name of God.

    Such sweet words about your husband. He is a blessed man.

  2. Thank you for sharing this name of God. I'm so thankful for His strength, too, and your words of praise about your husband are a witness to God's beautiful gift of a godly marriage.

  3. Thank you, for sharing the goodness!

    Praising God with you today!


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