Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November of Thanksgiving ~~ Day 10


Looking out my window I see a nice and frosty morning. Many trees are now bare.  The sun still paints its gold on those leaves still hanging on. It’s cool and crisp.

lord bless my online friends

I’m ‘thankful’ today for the internet, my computers (no matter how much trouble they give me), and online friends.

I really appreciate Rebecca at Rebecca Writes for taking the time to gather all of our links and post them everyday for others to read. This takes a lot of time …  ‘THANKS REBECCA – YOU ARE APPRECIATED!”

I enjoy traveling all over the world while setting here at the computer, with my coffee, sometimes a snack or sandwich, wearing my scruffy old flannel pj’s, and just cruising around the mighty web visiting. I’m a lurker as some call it. I have been visiting some peoples blogs for years and never have posted a word. I have received some responses back to things I have posted on my own blog that have really hurt. Its so easy to type words when you don’t have to look at that person in the eye. I wonder how many things that are typed would really be said one on one?

I have hundreds of blogs and such in my google reader and feeds. I can pick and chose were I want to go for the day. Recipes with video or great pics, you can learn languages, learn how to knit or crochet, crating, how to care for animals, traveling to sights I will never be to in my lifetime. Connections with friends and family is wonderful!

I’m ‘thankful’ for what I have learned about the Christian walk from the web. WOW – you learn who publishes Truth and who don’t. But the wealth of biblical understanding, knowledge and wisdom is unfathomable. We so take for granted what’s available to us.

The Web – it’s an amazingly big huge cyber world. Stop and think how many people are on here right now. Just let our computers go down or we don’t have good internet connections and man do we get grumpy!  Don’t say you don’t! We all know we do!!!

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