Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November of Thanksgiving ~~ Day 2

Today I am “Thankful” for HIM giving me him! Youngest son.

Drew w catfish4


I have been so blessed from these two sons in my life. God has given me two sons full of integrity, character, strength, and compassion. Most parents talk about the ‘troubled teen years’. I honestly never had it. They have been such a source of blessing and pride. Youngest son was the first married. His wife is a treasure. Happy Birthday son! We love you dearly. Thank you Father that my sons walk with You and put their trust in You.

I’m “Thankful” for Gen. 2:4 He is “The LORD God – Jehovah Elohim”

I’m “Thankful” for Nahum 1:15 Preeminent Pronouns of Christ – “Him that brings good tidings”

I’m “Thankful” for Isa. 44:3 The Spirit of God – “My Spirit – My Blessing”

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  1. I can't relate to sons, but I am very thankful for my two daughters! And praying they find godly "sons" to marry one day.

  2. Praise God for sons! I have two sons, also, and I pray they walk with Lord.

  3. You are blessed! And it is encouraging to me to hear that you didn't know of troubled teen years. How wonderful it is to have our children walk with the LORD.


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