Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who exactly are we to pray for? ...

Our Enemies ... Luke 6:28
Our Friends ... James 5:16
Our Families ... 2 Sam. 7:17
Ourselves ... Ps. 50:1
Our Fellow-men ... 1 Tim. 2:1
Our Fellow-workers in Christ ... 2 Thess. 3:1
Our Fellow-members in the Church ... Eph. 6:18

Matthew Henry said ...
"Prayers of faith are filed in Heaven;
and, although not presently answered
are not forgotten.
Prayer made when we are young,
and coming into the world,
may be answered when we are old,
and going out of the world."

A prayer I often prayed for my sons ...

"Lord, make my children like Peter.
They are human and they are weak,
but Father, make them useable.
Give them a ready knowledge of the Bible,
let them offer the hope of the Gospel to a hurting world,
and let them always seek to point the way to you
rather than try to gain glory for themselves.
Fill them with the Holy Spirit, give them courage
to stand firm in the face of peer pressure
and negative influences, and cause them
to love You, to fear You, and to obey You
more than they love, fear or obey any human being.
In Jesus name, Amen!"

(Peter -- knew scripture, used scripture, was usable,
teachable, accepted correction and learned from it.)

I picked out character's from the Bible and listed their
strengths and then used these lists for my prayers for them:
Paul - boldness, never ashamed, powerful
Esther - courage, an interceder on behalf of others
King David - passion, wholehearted devotion to God
Stephen - spiritual sensitivity, full of wisdom, grace & power
Noah - willing to go-out-on-a-limb for God, faithful
Abraham - obedience, no matter the cost
Daniel - moral purity, no-compromise
Ruth - loyalty, integrity

These are pages from my Prayer Notebooks. I have been going back thru them from when the boys were small and in school.


  1. Thanks Pam for this great model of prayer. What a blessing for your sons.


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