Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Mother's Day Gift ....

My two sons decided to get me
a special gift for Mother's Day.
I wanted some books but
they decided on something I needed!

My hubby and the boys installed it themselves
Friday night and I feel like
I am in someone elses home ...

I had painted my cupboards and the
flooring is a perfect match to everything.

How blessed I am ...
wants verses needs ...
God always knows best!


  1. Oh no, I have floor envy!

    It's absolutely beautiful, and those are my kitchen colors as well.

  2. What are your boys doing next weekend? I've got kitchen floor that needs them and that floor will look great in my kitchen! What a wonderful gift, Pam!

  3. Really pretty!! I'm "jealous"! Our kitchen floor is still "retro" from the 70's. Hubby and I replaced the kitchen floor in a previous house and haven't the "motivation" yet to do it in our current house. And, because we have only daughters, I don't see any "surprise" floors in MY future! Ha! Enjoy!


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