Saturday, May 12, 2007

Question ...

I have lost some posts when I logged on to Blogger. Some various here and there. I wanted to edit a post and it is gone! There was a comment on the one that said something about testglobal something with a link and it was a 'looking for a date?" type of site, you know what I mean ... anyhow I went in to delete the comment and noticed I had lost some posts. Heard this happens with Blogger, is this true? Oh well, not that my posts are such glorious renditions of thoughts and occurrances ... another thing ... can you delete a comment from Blogger without having to remove the ability to post comments? I never had any trouble but now it seems I am having trouble posting ... I wrote this three times ....


  1. You should be able to delete any comment on your blog. If you are signed in, there should be a little trash can icon at the bottom of each comment. If you click it, it will ask if you want to delete it forever. I'm not sure why you are losing posts though.

  2. Thanks for the info jen, I really appreciate it. I lost the one I wanted to edit on Havergal, another Havergal devotional post, the goofy one about my hubby sleeping and another small post. ???


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