Monday, May 14, 2007

Forest Goodies ...

Had the golden opportunity to eat
some delectable forest fungi!
Morrels ...
Absolutely delicious shaken in flour
and fried in butter!
We found both tan and black morrels ...

Here are two tired doggies!
They were out helping to find the morrels.
We use Frontline Plus on them for fleas
and ticks and they both ended up with ticks!
The tick population is really bad in
some areas here in south-central PA.
The boys have been out hunting turkey
and came home everytime
with atleast 3 ticks crawling on them.
We all received shots for Lyme disease,
even the doggies,
since we are all out in the woods so much.


  1. Oh! My favorite kind of hunting--no bloodshed but you can still eat what you "dragged" home!

    Love morrels--haven't had any in many years, not since Tom's grandpa died. He had a secret spot and he died without telling where it was!

    (I love seeing the dogs, too!)

  2. I don't think I've ever had morrels. Your dogs look great!


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