Sunday, May 6, 2007

Announcement ....

My youngest son D (22) proposed to his girlfriend and of course she M accepted! What a romantic he is, too. Took her out for a walk to the first place he took her walking on their first date ... in the woods to his special spot he has enjoyed since very young. A beautiful spot with large boulders and a meandering stream. Knelt down and asked her to be his wife. What a memory. They have been dating for 2 1/2 years. He asked her Dad and Mom for her hand in marriage before he bought the ring. His best friend M is her brother (yeah, it took him a while to realize he had a nice sister!) He asked him if he would have him as a brother-in-law and her brother was very happy for them both.

When my son first decided to ask her out on a date, he prayed about it for 3 months. He wanted to be sure of her salvation, (her family are Christians very involved in their church) I spoke with my sons about being unequally yoked and the problems that could arise. I thank God for the sons He has given to me, what a blessing they are. They are very good boys, men I should say, with integrity and godly character. I have been so blessed by God. They have never and I mean never, raised their voice to me, spoke harshly, nor showed any disrespect, I never had any problems during the teen years, we have always done things as a family together, always able to talk about anything, they have always given me the utmost respect and honor. My son sought the Lord for 3 months concerning whether she was the one - I mean THE one - he never dated in school, never went to the prom, never talked much about girls, it was always hunting and fishing and baseball, so this whole thing was like she was it, if it was of the Lord's will then she was his for life. About blew my socks off when he told me about his time with the Lord in prayer and that he felt this was the Lord's will for his life and he was going to ask her out. It was July 18th 2004. I will never forget it. He even spoke with her Dad and Mom and brother about asking her out before he asked her. It has been love ever since. They were made for each other. They so compliment each other. No date has been set ... they say in a year and half till a wedding. They are trying to decide whether to build or buy an older home.

I have to share this special moment with you all ... one day last summer they were setting out on the porch doing a Bible Study. I was at the kitchen sink washing dishes and could see them from the window. I happened to glance out this one time and stood there and cried, and thanking God for what He was doing in their lives. They sat with their foreheads together, hands clasped, eyes closed, praying. They prayed for each other, their future, the Lord's will for them, for the church they attend, the pastor and his family and then to the needs of the people at the church and then for their families. Every Tuesday for the past year and a half they spend together in Bible Study at our home. What a blessing this was to catch a glimpse into their lives .... many married couples do not even do this, this one special time of theirs is marked into my memory for my lifetime ...


  1. Congratulations! Oh, how I pray for this for my sons...

  2. Pam,
    Congratulations to your whole family. What a sweet story. You must be overjoyed for such a blessing in your sons life! I could go on and on. God is so good!


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