Thursday, May 17, 2007

In The Garden ...

UPDATE: My friend Joanne left me a message about my question on what to do to get rid of snails and slugs ... she says, " sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the hostas to keep filthy little piggin’ snails away!" Oh and they are buggers aren't they! Thanks Joanne for the tip! I'm going to head on out to Spring Farm and get me some of that there dirt ... look out you little filthy piggin' buggers ... my weapon has been found ...

I am starting to work on my garden as I am sure all of you are too! This is a pic from the Philadelphia Flower Show in early spring. I am going to create a mini garden this year with a Hobbit Hole, in honor of Tolkiens' works. They had lots of small little abodes throughout the gardens on display of faeries, elves and such . I fell in love with them and decided to create one of my own. Some of them would only fit in your hand, others were only about mid-calf high, others were small holes in a bank of dirt, all shapes, sizes and heights, made with all kinds of materials, but still kept on a small scale.
This pic here as you can see was only the size of a can of soup. I have an old, old stump that I never knew what to do with because it will be there till it disintigrates ... sp? ... well anyhow, I purchased these adorable tiny plants called "Stepables" from my garden center. Here is a link to them online at (for some reason the link is not working.)

Here's what I bought --
Baby Tears
Mossy Stonecrop
Waterperry Blue
Clumping Baby's Breath
Scotch Moss
Tiny Rubies
Bluemoss Stonecrop
Labrador Violet
Purple Mazus Reptans
Alpine Mouse Ear
and some small violets

I am mulching this area with mushroom mulch, placing small rocks, not too over large ones, so as to keep with the smallness of the garden. I will take some pic's when finished.

I have a small goldfish pond (130 gallon size from Lowes') that keeps going green on me. I have cleaned it out twice now and had to go and get some additives. Didn't have to do that last year. Can't believe my fish even survived the winter but they did. I'll take some pic's of that, too.

What are you doing in your garden this year? Vegetables, flowers, herbs, rock, what?

Anyone know what works good for slugs on Hosta's? They are eating them already.

Share with us a link won't you? ...

"Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce."
-- Jere. 29:5 ESV


  1. I want to come to your garden...Your're just down the blog from me, right?

  2. Hey there. Those STEPABLES are great hardy little plants, aren't they?! Just wanted to let you know that the link to their Web site above is not active, but you can find STEPABLES online at Keep us posted on how they're growing in the garden!

  3. You're in my post today. Transport yourself ove and check it out. Blessings on you and your garden!


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