Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Remembrances ...

Rose of No Man's Land ...

There's a rose that grows on no man's land,
And its wonderful to see.
Tho' its brave with tears,
It will live for years,
In the garden of memory.
Its the one red rose,
A soldier knows,
Its the work of the Master's hand.
Mid the wars great curse stand the
Red Cross Nurse.
She's a rose of no man's land.

I have found a link here to the music ... http://www.ww1photos.com/TheRoseOfNoMansLand.html

I have been up in my attic cleaning out and re-organizing things better and I came across my Grandmother's school books. Gram was born in 1906. She has since gone to be with our Lord but she has been on my mind much as of late. In her school composition book she has written in pencil and ink poems and songs from her studies in a one-room school house with grades from 1 thru 8.

Penmanship was much desired in days gone by. When you look back over the past years their penmanship was beautiful. I have an old autograph book with dates from in the 1920's thru 40's and it is artful to say the least. They used quill pens, nibbed pens and some of the inks colors were pretty. Greens, ruby red, turquoise blue,
but the fanciful scripts really draw your eye. Some even have small drawings on the pages next to their signatures. The little ditties they wrote, well, here is a neat one -- "Yours till Niagra Falls freezes over!" Well, thats for a long time isn't it! I haven't seen anyone use an autograph book in years.

I also have her "Gospel Primer." The person who used it before her wrote their name in it. A John Franklin Miller, Dec. 6th, 1900. On the inside it says it was published by Pacific Press Pub. Co. Oakland Cal. - New York - Kansas City and Review & Herald Pub. Co. Battle Creek, Mich., Atlanta , GA. 1900. The pages has a Bible verse printed on it -- "And that from a child thou hast known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus." 2 Tim. 3:15 There is 128 pages.

Here are pics of her Gospel Primer and Composition book ...

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