Saturday, January 27, 2007

Devotional Time Ideas ...

Looking for ideas for your devotional time? I will share mine and I ask you to share yours.

I have used a few different ideas for my devotional time but the one that was/is the best for me – a Prayer Basket.

I purchased a nice basket with a handle. Rather large sized to hold my items I keep in it. Here is the list of items:

** My Devotional Bible (this is a bible that I record dates, notes, answers to prayer, etc. I recently started a new one – the ESV’s Journaling Bible. It is small but mighty! Has lots of room to write in the margins, it reminds you of Moleskin notebook, and it has a stretch band to go around it to keep notes inside.

** My Prayer Notebook – I took a 5x8ish zippered notebook, purchased blank tabbed pages, monthly calendar, blank note paper and created a tool I can take with me wherever I go. You can even print off pages of the Bible, punch them and insert them into this notebook. I even removed Psalms and Proverbs from a paperback Bible and punched them to fit inside. You do not need to have the whole book but just the pages you are studying/reading that day. I like a Psalm and a Proverb a day. Each day of the week is a different prayer focus. Monday is for Me; Tuesday is for Family; Wed. is for Friends & Others; Thurs. is for Missions; Friday is for Church; Sat. is for the Pastor, SS teachers, who will bring the Word to the Church family on Sunday; Sunday is Praise & Worship.

** A recently purchased Trinity Hymnal from my Church. I pray and sing hymns during my devotional time. Have you ever tried praying a hymn? What a blessing!

** Colored pens and pencils for marking in my Bible. Anything having to do with women gets marked in PINK! That way it jumps out at me on the page – telling me it is just for me.

** A Pretty hankie from my Grandmother’s collection she gave to me and of course paper ones! I just like the pretty ones – makes me feel feminine. Yes. Fluff is good once in a while!

** A very nice pen just to write in my Prayer Notebook or for taking notes. Mine right now is a nice fountain pen with turquoise ink.

** A Notebook for writing down what the Lord is teaching me during this time with Him. I will admit it is tear-stained for sure.

** Whatever devotional book I am using at this time – I used to use Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost For His Highest”, I am currently using Spurgeon’s “Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith”.

** “The Valley of Vision” a book of Puritan prayers.

** A nice tea cup and saucer for a special spot of tea for drinking after prayer time and during devotional reading. You could put special tea bags and a fancy spoon in there, too! (Sometimes its coffee in a big mug.) My dear sweet friend from God, Joanne, gave me a matching Tea pot, tea cup and saucer from Colonial Williamsburg on my 50th birthday this past Oct. I treasure this gift from her and I use it for my “special time” with my Awesome God. Thank you again dear friend!

** A small fragrant candle. I received a gift of a fancy white milkglass candle holder with a MacIntosh apple scented candle, this gives a nice sweet smelling aroma to my space. (more fluff!) I live in a home with my husband, 2 sons, 2 hunting dogs, camo everywhere – my shower curtain even has a hunting scene on it! I hunt and fish, too .. but I need some fluff gals! Plus – I DO NOT stare at the candle flame nor do any repetitive stuff! ;-))

With my Basket setup like this I can just pick it up and go. If I want to go to a park and have my devotions I’m ready to go (all but the hot water or coffee thermos and a scone!) Sometimes I go to the woods and set down on a log; I might go to the local park or dam; in the back yard at the picnic table; or with a good friend to her house. I have taken it along camping; on fishing trips; archery festivals; it can go anywhere! I have also removed the items from the basket and put them into a very large duffle with Bible Study material and went on trips.

I have a cloth napkin or towel on the bottom that can be used on the picnic table or such as is needed. You can also make stretchy cloth bands out of seasonal printed material for the outside of your basket to FLUFF it up a bit if you so desire!

Try creating your own Prayer Basket and let me know how it works for you ... may the Lord bless your time with Him.

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  1. Mine is not nearly as pretty or well thought out as yours.

    I keep my Bible, whatever book I am studying, my notebooks, several pencils and highlighters and my Palm Pilot in a cloth book bag. Whatever I am working through gets put into that bag. Whether I'm sitting in my leather reading chair with a cup of coffee, or have my study notes sprawled across the breakfast table in the sun room with a cup of tea, or laying across the bed with two dogs at my side, (who am I kidding?--they're laying all over me) my book bag follows me wherever I go.


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