Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Survey Results for Kim @ Hiraeth ...

Kim over at Hiraeth has asked her blog readers the following questions. My responses are in green.

I'd like to open a discussion on the virtues of reading as a Christian Discipline as it relates to blogging and reading blogs. To begin the discussion, I'd like to ask you a few questions:

Has reading Christian blogs increased your desire to tackle weighty Christian tomes?

Absolutely! As iron sharpens iron! I have been blessed beyond measure.

Have you learned of Christian authors and theologians that you might not have otherwise known or read?

Having recently left a ‘partial reformed’ (4 point Calvinistic, but not Covenant) church and searching for material that now falls in line with a reformed, covenantal view has been expensive! The material in my bookshelf was a blend. I have realized I have more reformed works and I am enlarging and moving books and materials. Some views are different in reformed circles but much worth the read.

Have you purchased or borrowed books that were recommended by bloggers?

The following blogs/sites have been a tremendous help: The Thirsty Theologian; The Shepherd’s Scrapbook; Pyromaniacs, Fide-O; Unchained Radio (what a blessing this has been – we are die-hard listeners, esp. Covenant Thursdays); Grace To You; Reformation Theology; Camponthis; Calvinistgadfly; Riddleblog; Old Truth; In the garden; Rebecca Writes; Morning Coffee with Gomarus; Presbyterian Thoughts; Seasonings of the Heart; The Vossed World; Hip and Thigh; The White Horse Inn; Truth Matters, Challies; monergism; Hiraeth; plus more.

Have you read fewer "real" books as your blog reading has increased?

No! I am reading more books. I just have had to rearrange my time and given up some sleep time or rise earlier.

Has the availability/searchability of great Christian works caused you to rely upon them merely as resources?

No, I need to read them for myself. I want them in my hands. I mark up most books.

Do you think reading the great Christian authors and theologians is important and/or profitable?

Amen! The Reformers and Puritans! Thirsty Theologian blogged about the book “Meet the Puritans” by Beeke and Pederson. I bought it right away and it has been a tremendous read! I love that book! My new church I am attending, an OPC, has a recommended book reading list plus I can purchase books from the church at very affordable prices. Amazing – my other church never promoted reading and studying like the encouragement I receive now. Here is a link to the reading list --

And check out the prices! My/our personal library has more than doubled. I am like a sponge – I can’t get enough. I would much sooner pay $20 for a book/books rather than pay $20 for a current women’s bible study that CBD is promoting. My study flavor has shifted for the better me thinks! ;-)

Do you read them?

Yes, we do. But my husband and I also discuss things of Scripture more now than we ever did. He reads his choice and I read my choice and then we talk about what we are discovering and looking up the truths found in the Scriptures. Bible Study has taken on a whole new dimension. Our Bibles are opened along with these books. The Bible always comes first, then the other reading. But how the Lord causes everything to fall into place!

If so, who do you recommend?

Spurgeon, Watson, Sproul, MacArthur, both Vos’s; O. Palmer Robertson; Godfrey; Edwards; Pink; Riddlebarger; Horton; Boettner; Machen; I. Murray; Ryle; Piper; Williamson; Gruden …

A real big THANKS to Kim at Hiraeth and those of you whose blogs I lurk! You have been a blessing!

Blessings! – pam <><


  1. Wow! Another woman after my own heart!

    Thanks for playing along, Pam! It's great to know you're reading.

    I am so encouraged by the responses so far!

    Now I'm off to post your link!

    I'll be back!

  2. Hi Pam, I followed the book trail from Kim from Hiraeth, and I'm so glad I found you!

    I printed your church's list; I've got a lot of catching up to do...

    Thanks for listing my blog in your reads. I had no idea, and I'm humbled.

    I'll be back!


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