Friday, January 12, 2007

The Old Paths ...

Greetings on this dark dreary day!

As I sit at my 'puter reading thru the blogs and sites I lurk, (I have come to realize I am considered a "lurker" - one who anonymously reads but does not comment), that there is a cry for a return to the 'Old Paths' the paths of the Reformers and Puritans. Not a path of the contemplatives that the Emergent church folks are pushing but a calling to return to the discipline of devotions, reading and pondering the Word of God, studying what the 'Men of Old', those mighty men like Spurgeon, Pink, Edwards, Watson, etc., have to teach us about our Christian walk and the God we worship.

My Pastor is asking our church family to work together thru M'Cheyne's Reading Plan for this year. The calendar is published by the Banner of Truth Trust as an aid to systematic Bible reading. I have never used this before and am looking forward to something different. For my devotions I am using Spurgeon's Cheque Book on the Bank of Faith in the morning; Susannah Spurgeon's free grace and dying love', and The Valley of Vision in the evening. I am also reading thru a book I highly recommend, "Meet the Puritan's" by Joel Beeke and Randall J. Pederson. Those of you who homeschool I would recommend this as reading material. It is excellent! I am learning so much about these "Mighty Men" who I have come to respect so much the more.

Over at Old Truth,
there is a post for today you should read. It also contains some short video and promotes a DVD series that also comes highly recommended.

Jerry Marcellino tells us this --
"For some reason 'progress' makes people, more often than not, despise the past. (As though it no longer offers anything of any value). This is especially true in our own day (amongst this present generation. . . who live in the lonely age of iPods, CD-Roms, the Internet, and cellular technology). Even among today's professing Christians there is a subtle rejection of historic Christianity at the cost of presently remaining restless, in the shallow fads of a modern 'Christianity'; a Christianity that has taken on the attributes of a shallow culture, and not knowing why." But what will return the Christendom of this present generation to a "salty Christianity" (as Matthew 5:13 calls a Christianity that is vital, and that acts as a powerful preservative against sin)? What will return modern-day Christendom to a Christianity that will act as a "preserving agent" to a decaying society? What can offer certain hope . . . to a nation of families that are in utter disarray? ANSWER: "A present return to the old paths".
Let us return to the old paths. Share with me what you do for your devotions, bible reading, bible study, prayer time -- what blesses your heart? Share what works, what doesn't and why. Reading eyes want to know! Comment if you would, and feel free to lurk! I do it alot!

pam <>< 1 Tim. 1:15-17

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