Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A little help is needed ...

Hello all you bloggy gals ... I need some wisdom!

My son is getting married on March 15th! Would you share with me
what is my responsibility as the Mother of the Groom?
The Mother of the Bride has not chosen a dress as of yet and I have
been told I need to wait until she has her dress before I can make
my choice. Is this so?
This is my first wedding so I am not real sure
what I need to be doing other than smile alot, agree alot and make
the arrangements for the Rehearsal dinner!
I would greatly appreciate any help, suggestions you have to offer me on anything!
The longer I have to wait before choosing a dress the more nervous I get.
The MOB was talking about wearing a dressy pantsuit, she does not like
dresses so does that mean I follow suit? Or if she decides on a long dress, should I go shorter ... I have read things and nothing seems to agree. The color is Clover Green for the bridesmaids, the vest and ties of the guys. Tuxes are black.
The Fathers are wearing black tuxes with a steel gray vest and tie. I would prefer to
wear silver, gray or light blue or black. I prefer to fade as to stand out
.... how long do I have to wait? Is there something I should do that I am not?
HELP >>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!! Pam <><


  1. Congratulations, one and all! How exciting it is to be the mother of the groom--and how confusing!!

    My sister in law gave me some good advice: Shut up and wear beige.

    That sounds harsh, but the best thing you can do is open communications with the brides family and then leave the ball in their court; it's up to them to communicate to you if they want or need help and what kind they want or need.

    The wear beige part? I actually did wear beige. I'm a "fade into the background" person, too. The MOB changed her mind repeatedly and I didn't know until we showed up on the day of the wedding what she was wearing, so I couldn't follow her lead.

    Traditionally, the groom's family arranges and pays for the rehearsal dinner and often pays for the flowers and/or the invitations. Since I am a calligrapher, we did the invitations.

    At the rehearsal, your husband and you will be introducing the families to each other and the day of the wedding, you just try to get around to great all the guests and make introductions.

    It's a fun day! I worried more than I needed to, so if I have any advice to give you it would be to enjoy every minute of it and don't worry!

    : D

  2. Congratulations, Pam! I can't offer any advice since my oldest is only 18 and unattached, but it sounds like Kim covered it. Enjoy the day! :)


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