Saturday, February 2, 2008

Calvin's Institute's ...

Reading thru the Institutes is long and laborious to say the least. My husband has read through Book One and Two. A combined book about 4 inches thick. It is the copy from our churches library. He caught himself quite a few times almost marking up the pages. We have since decided we will purchase our copies. Our per say, as in one copy for each of us? His markings drive me nuts and mine makes no sense to him. (These are expensive copies) I'm thinking Mother's Day is coming and so is Father's Day. Since I could not get my hands upon his reading copy, I am reading through online. Currently our Sunday School is proceeding through these works. My husband is most fascinated since leaving the Catholic religion and reading what Calvin compares and he (my husband) has learned on his own through the help of the Holy Spirit's guidance and direction. I get up around 3am so I can read in quiet and be able to think through Calvin's teachings. This will take me sometime ... sometimes I must go back and reread a few times, other times I easily understand. I know it will be worth the time and effort and what I have gleaned already has blessed me. I came across the following posts to come and wish to share it with you. They are but a tip of this massive work.

Here are a few various links I have been using that afford listening, reading and study of the Institutes of Calvin.
Horizon Baptist
Covenant Seminary
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

Blessings, Pam <><


  1. 3 AM?!

    Sometimes that is when I am turning in for the night. :/

  2. Up at 3am then back to bed at 5:30am, sleep till 8 and then get ready for work ... everyone else is either up till after mid-night (and on the computer) or they are up at 5:30 to leave for work ... that's the schedule right now ...


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