Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Welcome ...

Christmas Welcome ...
from my home to yours ...

When the summer time is past,
and the Harvest house at last,
and the wood is standing bare and brown and sere.

When the forest is sharp at night
and the days are short and bright,
comes the gladdest, merriest time of all the year!

Let the tempest rage without,
let its last be wild and stout,
what care we our hearts are stout and strong.

Within tis warm and light,
and the kindness shining bright,
and the voices of our friends are in our song!

Shout boys
Shout a hearty welcome
Greet Old Christmas with a roar!
He has met us with good cheer
For this many a marry year.
And we hope he'll meet us all for many more.

Taken from my Gram's Composition Book.
She makes note that it is to be sung to the tune - Tramp, Tramp, Tramp.

To Him Be The Glory! Amen!


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