Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Letters ...

Christmas Letters ...

O see the Christmas Letters
we are sending off today,

Each one is tied with ribbon,
just to make it look more gay.
And here's a bit of holly
we have safely tucked inside,

To bear a loving message
of the Happy Christmas tide.

Chorus --
Just a little Christmas letters

bearing words of cheer.

Just a little bit of sunshine

In His Name so dear.

They hold some kindly wishes
our words of hope and cheer.
And little Bible verses all about the Child so dear.

To many homes and loved ones

to carry rays of sunshine
and our glad goodwills to show.

O see the Christmas letters
we will send
them with a prayer.
In His dear Name,
Who tells us
all our wonderful joys to share.

Now speed upon your mission

do not tarry by the way.

And take those loving kisses
our gifts for Christmas Day!

To Him Be The Glory! Amen!


Another selection from my Gram's Composition Book ...

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  1. Very sweet and it reminds me I need to get busy and compose that Christmas letter!


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