Sunday, March 25, 2007

Whew Hoo!!!!! ......


We have sunshine and a beautiful day for a bike ride!!!

I got her all cleaned up .... and went off riding .... Wow did that feel great!!!

Here is a pic of my bike ... ain't she sweet???!!!

Any other women who ride their own let me hear from you!

We like to ride in a group with folks from area churches ... head out on a Sunday afternoon, stop and eat somewhere and then circle back home. What a way to witness too! I buy NT's geared to motorcycle riders with the Roman Road printed on the inside cover and we have tract's too. Many opportunities to share Christ on the road.

Well, keep the shiny side up! Enjoy your day ...


  1. Well, you're fairly bursting with good cheer! It was pretty out there today wasn't it?

    Your bike is a beauty! I don't ride, but I can still appreciate it.

  2. I needed that wonderful sunshine! We haven't had any for over a week! It was pretty out.


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