Thursday, March 8, 2007

To be or not to be .... Amil or PreMil ...????

Quite an interesting bit of debate
going on in the Blogosphere these days!

John MacArthur really pulled a punch as his opening for the Pastor's conference ...

Interesting to hear the takes on this topic but I for one will get the CD.

Take some time and peruse over these:

Shepherd's Conference 1 at

Kim Riddlebarger -- With All Due Respect To John MacArthur

Pulpit Magazine -- Why Calvinism Necessitates PreMillennialism

Jason Robertson -- The Mocked Shepherd
-- Was Jesus an Amil?

Irish Calvinist -- MacArthur Defines ...

Voice of the Sheep -- MacArthur's Diatribe --
-- Updates on Amil Controversy

As one who has learned much from MacArthur I don't understand his timing ... especially with who was setting in line to speak at this conference whom MacArthur invited ... and then to publically smack 'em a good one is most surprising. I must say the comment sections are enlightening to say the least. Riddlebarger is being a real gentleman here and I commend him. But I wonder what would have happened had R.C. Sproul been there or what will be coming down the road with R.C. Sproul in the form of comments about these accusations against Calvinist Amillers?

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