Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Phoenician Anniversary meal ...

Went out for supper last night
for our 33rd Anniversary.
Visited a new to us restaurant.
"The Phoenician."

We had a wonderful time and partook
of some delicious foods.
Was too busy enjoying my meal
to take a picture.
I had the Asparagus Beef Tourni Dos.
Slow roasted beef stuffed with feta cheese,
roasted red pepper, asparagus, and black olives
with a very thick tomato sauce. On the side
was julienne cut yellow and green zucchini,
carrots in olive oil with fresh herbs,
and roasted red potatoes.
Mediterranean Salad was delish!
The way it was presented on the plate was neat.
Mark had the Gyro Platter. It was served
with the same vegetables along with
Saffron Basmati Rice and warm pita bread.
The Gyro meat was delicious.
A blend of beef and lamb meats
roasted on a rotisserie.
For dessert we shared Syrian Baklava.
It was stuffed with pistachio nuts, honey,
wrapped in a shredded wheat type phylo dough.
Really different.
Next time I want to try the Kabobs.

A very nice evening, especially
with my wonderful date!

Thank you Lord for the gift of my husband.
He is a blessing to me.

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