Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Very Thankful for His Protection ...

Archery hunted for six weeks in the woods of
Pennsylvania for this guy and
I got him but not in the manner
of my choosing ...

One dark and misty night traveling home
from an evening out with my husband
suddenly there he was ...
cars on my left and behind, I had no where to go.
I slowed down to make the impact lighter but
to no avail ... he flew thru the air as high as my van,
came down in the left lane and spun literally off into
the median. The vehicle in the left lane just missed him.
I almost got rear-ended in the process
but only by His grace we were not harmed.
$3600.00 damage but the sad part is the van is only worth
that much. Upsetting because it has been a very,
very good vehicle for us. Never any problems, no rust.
"They" said it is an "old" vehicle
and not worth the money to fix it.
That is upsetting in that now a vehicle payment
comes into play .... just what I don't want.
So we wait for the Lord's hand to move and provide ...


  1. That happened to our son a few years ago. The insurance company totaled it because of it's age (10 or 11 years old) but we appealed because he needed it for college and we had just put $1500 in it to make it safe and sound for him to drive. We had to produce the receipts, but they did pay to have it fixed and our ins. didn't go up!

    Might be worth a try. . .


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