Saturday, January 5, 2008

What type of calendar person are you?

So tell us ... what works best for you?

Wall Calendar
One Day Calendar
Do you make your own?
Do you use a Calendar online like Google, Outlook, Yahoo?
Weekly Calendar
Pocket Calendar
Desk Calendar

When the boys were in sports I kept a large Desk Calendar on the frig with Velcro.
Each of us had our own colored pen and we would record in color-code for the activity.
With my husband working a swing-shift I really needed it!
I'm thinking this year of foregoing that big calendar since the boys are no longer using it and I just continued using it out of habit.
I'm heading in to Barnes and Noble and to see what they have available ...
I am usually already ready by mid December with my calendars but this year I'm behind!

So let me know what works for you!

UPDATE: Those who use a PDA - what brand are you using? What programs do you have on it? Would you use a Palm or a Pocket PC? I have a Sony CLIE SJ22 and am looking to upgrade but wondering what to go to. I want, well, I think I want to have a PDA separate from my phone. I use Olive Tree for Bible software programs.


  1. I'm a "Day-Timer" sort of person--have been since the mid 80's. I carry it with me EVERYWHERE! :-)

    A couple of years ago I started carrying a PDA in my purse for times when I don't have my planner with me.

    All that to say this, I download my PDA to my Outlook calendar and then print all my calendar pages for my planner. Viola'! Custom-made calendar pages just for me and my family! :-)

    And yes, as a matter of fact I AM a little OCD! :-)

  2. Kim -- not sure what you mean by "yes"?
    Connie -- what type of PDA do you have? Just curious, I'm looking to buy a new one.
    Thanks Gals for commenting!


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