Saturday, August 18, 2007

Reading the Classics Together .... updated ...

Girls! I want to invite you to a Book Reading!

Tim from challies .com
is starting a "Reading Classics Together" on August 30th.
The book he chose is JC Ryle's "Holiness" but he is suggesting
we purchase JI Packer's "Faithfulness and Holiness"
from Westminster for only $11.69. Read the

"Introduction" in preparation for discussion on
August 30th. Go to the above link at
Challies for more info where Tim explains
why he chose this version over the
original plus much more info.

Guys are welcome, too, of course but
since only about 3 people read this blog
and they are women (Kim of Hiraeth; Ellen the
Happy Wonderer
and Jen of JoyThru Christ)
I couldn't resist this pic
- it's hilarious!
Here is the four of us having Bible Study -
Kim is teaching, she's the one with her finger
in the air! LOL ...
Kim of Hiraeth you might know the
info behind this pic --
a relative who sent it to
me in an email said it is of
Irish origin in that the women
of the church used to wear these hats
for some reason or other ...
do you know if this is true and why?

Oh, anyhow .... come along and join
me in this "Reading The Classic's Together"

UPDATE: First off - I really am surprised of the folks that have
commented thus far. More readers than I thought actually and
quite honestly. Some I thought left, welcome back.
I just am not one to go around commenting on blogs alot.
When I do sometimes it seems I get in trouble,
so I sorta stick to my own here, if you read
and comment great, if you read great,
if you don't agree that's ok, no problems.
I am not one for numbers nor ratings.
Don't care for rantings neither but I've
had my share of those, too.
Secondly -- the pic was not meant to offend,
it was not meant to be derogatory in nature.

I did receive my book in the mail and WOW!
I am anxiously awaiting Tim's blog to start rolling!
I am struck by the remark's of Ryle, the
Epigraph reads like something on a blog
today concerned about the Emerging,
Seeker-Sensitive churches but what drew
my eye and my heart is this ...
Page 94) "It is, however, of great importance that the whole subject should be placed on right foundations, and that the movement about it should not be damaged by crude, disproportioned, and one-sided statements. If such statements abound, we must not be surprised. Satan knows well the power of true holiness, and the immense injury which increased attention to it will do to his kingdom. It is his interest, therefore, to promote strife and controversy about this part of God's truth. Just as in time past he has succeded in mystifying and confusing men's minds about justification, so he is labouring in the present day to make men "dark counsel by words without knowledge" about sanctification. May the Lord rebuke him! I cannot however give up the hope that good will be brought out of evil, that discussion will elicit truth, and that variety of opinion will lead us all to search the Scriptures more, to pray more, and to become more diligent in trying to find out what is "the mind of the Spirit."

Ryle has already prayed over these pages
for even future readers. All those years past
he knew those who broke open the pages
of this book would need prayer coverage.
The prowler is at work and once our eyes
begin to feast upon the truths in these
pages war will rage. Pray yourself up
dear friends, the prowler
does not want us to take these
truths to heart. Prayer is fleshed out
all through this book I am seeing.
I am looking forward
to this study more than any I
have in sometime ...
it's just the smack between
the eyes I need ...
"Lord, You always know what's
best for me ... thank You for leading me here."
I think we will all be on our knees ...
join me.


  1. Oooh, oooh! Can I be the third one from the left? I love her expression! Yes, I am laughing at the picture and can't wait to see what it's all about! But I have an idea that pipe smoking guy who reads this blog may be offended...


    Oh, how I truly wish I had time to get into the suggested book though. I'll have to learn from it vicariously through Challies and the comments there...

  2. I'm in!

    I don't know how much I'll be able to contribute--we start Sam's Junior year of home schooling on the 4th, but I can't resist reading along.

    We all look very happy around the table, don't we? Oh, and I like being the skinniest one for once, too!

    : D

  3. Forgot to mention I've read Ryle, so I'm curious about why the new edition. But I do love Packer. . .

  4. I must have been the one taking the picture; I'm camera shy.

  5. Oh my, if we're choosing I'll be the one sitting next to Kim...
    I'll work on getting a copy of the book it sounds like an excellent read. :)

  6. Hi there, I'm a friend of Kim's. Just a comment on the photo: I couldn't tell you of its origin, but it does remind me of the Welsh national costume. :-)

  7. Too funny--and cute! I also wish I could add this book to my reading--love Ryle and Packer--but home school is going strong, and I've already got a stack of "to read" books that just keeps growing! Thanks for the chuckles today!

  8. My book should get here tomorrow!

    I'm taking it on vacation with me.


  9. I'm really offended by that picture. I'm not sure why, I just have this intangible feeling I ought to be.

  10. No, see, you should be offended by this:

    only about 3 people read this blog
    and they are women

    Or maybe the fact that you are not in the picture.

    Maybe you're somewhere else brewing the tea?

  11. It came today! I've read almost all of Packer's essays on Ryle--good stuff.

    Anyone else reading the Packer book (which includes Holiness)?

  12. I don't think anyone was offended. I was totally joking. :)

  13. I read the first half of the book yesterday and it was very good. Count me in on the discussion when I get back from vacation.

  14. My book arrived today (the 29th) yippee!


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