Monday, June 4, 2007

New Blog Start ....

I want to share with you my new blog addition! I have decided to keep my postings on home and hearth at "Cottage at Cabbage Creek" separate from my "a rustling of leaves ..." thoughts and musings on the Christian Life. Please peruse them both. I think you will find them both thought provoking and enjoyable! I chose the name "Cottage at Cabbage Creek" because of the many years while growing up that I spent playing in Cabbage Creek which flowed thru the property of my Grandma Anna and Pap Fred's home. Pleasant, enjoyable years with many warm memories. The home is now owned by a young couple newly married with a babe on the way! Children will again be running the stairs of this home and that brings a joy to my heart! I drive past this home when I go to my Mom's. The young woman has brought life back into the home. There are lights around the door with a grape vine twine. Candle lights in the windows, a garden has taken up residence in a corner that invites you in for a closer look. She decorates with the seasons ... something my Gram always did and we continued to do for her till she had to sell her home and move in with Mom. And, she has put up a porch swing!!! Joy of joys! I remember the swing my grandparents used to have hanging there, along with a metal glider. Only thing missing is the green striped canvas awning Pap used to always put up in the spring and take down in the fall. Mom had planted a three color Butterfly bush in the corner near the drive way and it is still blooming away. So stayed tuned for my memories of life at a dear home along Cabbage Creek.

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